Forklift Instructor Training – Accredited – 10 days-5 days

The culmination of several months instructor & tutor training at Aylesford RDC in Kent.
A recent group

A recent group

ITSSAR instructor training courses offered on all types of FLT and MHE.

Our Tutor is highly experienced having been training instructors for nearly 20 years. He is a member of the ITSSAR Instructor Tutor Forums and Standards Committees. He was also involved in the consultations called for by the HSE over the recently published new Approved Code of Practice. He has an excellent pass rate and achieves a very high standard from his candidates.

We are now able to offer both “Off-Site & On-Site” instructor courses. There are benefits in both methods.

“On-Site” is a very relevant way of running Instructor training rather than doing it “In-Centre” as it allows specific training in the actual environment that your instructors are going to have to deliver training in.

“Off-Site” or training centre courses allow for less distraction and commonly have better training facilities.

For further details of instructor courses & requirements please call Jim Stowe on 0775 2847195 or use the contact page.

Basic instructor course information below.

  • 10 day Novice Instructor course
  • 12 day Extended Novice Course
  • 3/4/5 day Instructor Re-Registration
  • 5 day direct Entry
  • 5 day Instructional Techniques (See In-House page)
  • 1 or 2 day Instructor truck course. (Designed to help instructors learn Key Teaching Points on new equipment).

Profork Training Ltd is accredited under the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) to arrange and deliver professional Instructor Training at your premises.
Upon successful completion of the course candidates will become ITSSAR Registered Cat1 Instructors on any Forklift Truck or Mechanical Handling Equipment they hold Certification for as Operators. (This qualification enables him/her to train for any company he is EMPLOYED by.) Should he wish to train commercially he would need to gain Cat 2 status which involves further monitoring by the Accrediting body.
This lasts for a period of 5 years at which time they will have to undergo a 3-5 day Re-registration course.

Instructor Qualities

“A good Instructor will need to be; Literate, Articulate And Numerate”. (HSE ACOPS L117 3rd edition)
He must adopt an enthusiastic approach to every lesson, will thoroughly research the subject matter, simplify the difficult areas to be taught and set a good example by a confident attitude and a fair, firm, but friendly approach to the trainee. He will always endeavour to see each problem through the eyes of the individual members of the course. He should also have good solid experience as an operator. These points should be borne in mind when selecting potential instructors.

Joining requirements

Must have licence for “course truck” (Usually Counterbalance but almost any type can be organised) from preferably an Accredited Training Provider.
We are able to offer advice regarding the selection of suitable candidates and carry out any necessary pre-course testing if required.
To make an enquiry you can use the enquiry service or just E mail me at
or why not just ring me on 0775 2847195.